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Natural Germicidal Salt Bar: Plant based antibacterial soap, the power of naturals!

Hello lovelies! Let's talk about our so loved sanitizing bar - Natural Germicidal Salt "Therapy" Bar.

Why is this soap getting so many attentions these days? In fact because of the demands we're getting from the users of this lovely antibacterial soap, we had to continuously produce about 3K to 5K pcs ongoing daily target on production. Yes! That's how in demand not only this soap but I believe almost all. It's a must to sanitize these days!

How is this Natural Germicidal Salt Bar, considered to be antibacterial?

Let's talk about one of it's plant ingredients "THYME LEAF OIL".
Thyme was used in ancient times as a food preservative and disinfectant. Also known and proven to for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thymol is another active ingredient in thyme present in its leaves, an essential oil with antibacterial and expectorant properties, which is of vital importance in infections of the throat and oral cavity. This THYMOL is widely used in Australia as a plant derived disinfectant and antibacterial, and used in many well known brands in the market.
 "Due to the herb’s essential oils, it has a number of health benefits too; which in fact, these benefits have been recognized across the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Thyme oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, hypertensive and has calming properties. Thyme oil is one of the strongest antioxidants known, and it has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times."
Not to mention all other plant ingredients with strong reputation for soothing dry skin, improves the skin tone due to blood circulation boosting of Cinnamon Oil and extracts, and lastly also works as an all natural-disinfectant. However as I always mention this ingredient may cause skin irritations to other consumers (despite its being 100% Australian Certified organic, an allergy/irritation may still happen), to minimize this effect, we use this herb at mild % input for better control on this issue.

We also cannot disregard the use of powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant (to reduce irritancy profile) of a product, in this salt bar. As soaps are considered one of the irritants on skin because of it's high pH, we use our proprietary ingredient with blends of 'guava leaf and aloe vera extracts' to once again help Natural Germicidal Salt Bar become super mild.

So, there lovelies, beside the fact that whatever type of bath soaps, hand soaps, antibacterial soaps we are using, they all have the power to sanitize and kill bacteria in a 20 second hand wash. :-) Yes! That's a fact, in that 20 second washing, you're able to let loose that bacteria clinging unto your skin!

But, what's even better, we have put up all those amazing herbs and botanicals to not only sanitize, deodorize, kill bacteria.

We made it mildly formulated so every one in the family can enjoy it's benefits.
  • *Non-drying

  • *Moisturizing

  • *Protecting

  • *Natural Skin Lightener

Where else will you get such goodness in soap?

Till next lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this reads.

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